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Cargill, Teys to Combine Beef Businesses in Joint Venture

Posted by Bluegrass Cellular Agent on July 27, 2011

Beef Products,inc, a wholly owners subsidiary of privately held CARGILL, is the subject of an Academy Award nominated documentary, linked in ‘videos’ on this web site, entitled “FOOD INC”.

If you purchase or consume such frankenfood, you are harming yourself, as well as your family, at ANY level of consumption!!!

Humans were not designed to ingest ANY genetically modified crops, nitrates, nitrites, fake salts, HFCS, steroids, hormones, bleach, ammonia, red dyes and chemical colorants and flavors, preservatives, stabilizers, acids, fake sweeteners, antibiotics, modified starches and gums or hydro-colloids, hydrogenated fats or oils, rendered lard or tallow glycerins, alcohol distilled sweeteners, pesticides, herbicides, fake and non bioavailable vitamins or minerals, insecticides, that agribusiness is pushing on you for profit$ and killing you sooner, while further making money off you on useless and expensive side effect ridden drugs!!!


~ Uncle Russ

Summary:The new joint venture will include the assets of both companies’ existing beef processing and cattle feeding businesses as well as Teys’ tannery and value adding facilities, and Teys’ share of its wholesale divisions.

Cargill, Teys to Combine Beef Businesses in Joint Venture

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